The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle (Book Review)

The-Last-Unicorn-40th In a magical, fantastical land of unicorns — caution, this book contains material slightly on the more feminine side, but still perfectly neutral for all genders to enjoy — and (real) magicians and a talking cat, we are introduced to a unicorn. Nope, she doesn’t have a name, she’s just a lone unicorn going about her business until she realizes she’s the last of her kind (kind of a big deal). So, she ventures off to find the rest of her kin when a puzzling (talking) butterfly encounters her, warning her she can find the other unicorns near where the Red Bull and King Haggard reside. On her adventure she is captured by the Night Carnival,then set free by Schmendrick the magician who joins her on the way. After Schmedrick manages to get caught by some bandits and rescued by the unicorn they meet Molly Grue who also joins the fun. Eventually coming to the Red Bull, a terrible killer beast, the unicorn is almost killed, but thankfully saved by the magician who turns her into a human. Once at Haggard’s castle they introduce her as Lady Amalthea; the king’s son, Prince Lir, wonder-struck, begins his long effort to win her heart. Schmendrick is hired by the king as his magician in order to find clues about the missing unicorns. Where the book ends, you will have to find out yourself. Whether or not you read this book, it will forever stay with me because of it’s uniqueness. It’s writing style contrasts with many other books, but, in a positive way. Filled with humor and imagination, this fantasy book earns a solid three and a half stars.


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