Why Gatsby is Great (sorry to have been gone so long)

So, last year I read The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and I absolutely loved it and I loved the character Gatsby. Now, the first day of discussion I came into class to find the hugely opposing opinions of my classmates, who many of thought Gatsby was too naive in his love for Daisy. Those who haven’t read this book, Gatsby finds this girl he loved and still loves after years of not seeing her. Unfortunately, she has been married to a jerk. But, being a good christian girl refuses to divorce him. Anyways, when I realized there were some people who did not find Gatsby as adorably–and hopelessly– romantic as I did, my brain just imploded. I didn’t and still don’t understand. Is it naive to hold on to your dreams even when they seem impossible to reach? He’s in love for goodness sakes! He can’t just stop loving Daisy. You want to know how this book would have ended had Gatsby been “The Realistic Gatsby”? He would have found Daisy and said, “Well, she’s out of my league, and it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.”(Liz Jarvie) THE END. In my opinion, that doesn’t make for much of a story. So I will go on admiring Gatsby as the character I can relate to (being a slight bit of a hopeless romantic) and love for his unwillingness to give up on his dreams.


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