The Isle Journey

Along the waters of lovers’ past
I sailed around fantasy islands
Where birds floated high above the mast.

On one piece of land to which I stayed,
The wind told of a true history
A pair who once lived near where I laid.

Tale tells of a man who loved his wife
In old age, time stole her memory
So the man ended his and her life.

Since these two escaped all their pain,
No haunting occurred as I slept, cause
Neither of them wanted to remain

Some time later across a blue wave,
I learned of another tragic end
In empty palace, built by the brave.

What I heard here; a sound from the Heart
Was of a spouse building a castle,
Though his dreams would be soon torn apart.

This new home was a token of love,
To be given to his cherished wife,
She suddenly passed to the above.

Depressed as he was he stopped making,
His wife’s unfinished sanctuary
Never to return he left, aching.

Speechless voices cry, the journey now ends,
I thought, does life end this way, in bad fate?
All we can do is hope for good-my friend.


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